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Pocket of Resistance

is the rolling music project of Scottish singer-songwriter Nigel Parry. Based in the United States, Nigel released his debut “This Side Of Paradise” album in February 2001. Folk punk world jazz fusion with the 1980’s in there somewhere. Today, based in Lowertown, Saint Paul, MN, Pocket of Resistance is a rolling band, comprised of a core group and whoever else is on stage. Musicians and instruments change from show to show, impacting the overall sound and genre.

Regular line-up

Nigel Parry (songs, vocals and guitar)
John “Batman” Hess (bass guitar)
Peter Thomas (percussion)

Upcoming Shows

New shows coming in 2017! Watch this space.

Social Media

Pocket of Resistance is @ResistanceShows on Twitter
Nigel Parry is @flyingmonkeyair on Twitter
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